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Your business has to be everywhere for your customers to find you. But more importantly, your business has to be in places where your customers can connect with you. We’ll help you create, setup, and manage all the right social media accounts. We’ll help you establish your brand personality on the social media platforms that will deliver the highest ROI for your business. And we’ll help you engage your customers and keep their interest. Our team will ensure your business will be found, liked, shared, and loved by your customers.

“Online is old news. Online in social media is today’s news.”

Looking for an online platform to help promote yourself to a wider audience? You are at the right place. Contact HiPower at to find out how our social media services can help your business succeed. Social media is not a subset of the internet anymore. Social media is the internet. There are numerous platforms where you can connect with your potential customers or clients. Finding the right one is the key!


Our company’s social media services have been designed to keep you in complete control of your messages across different social media networks. We create and manage social media campaigns for your business. We also manage social media networks on your behalf and use relevant social media marketing strategies to help your business grow as well as meet its defined goals. Our company’s social media services are based on understanding your business objectives and challenges. In short, we put focus on what matters most to your company!


Our team will make sure you never fall into a social media disaster. As an important part of our social media services, we provide guidance and help with;

Social Consultancy

Developing a social strategy that is based upon your end goals is crucial! We can provide assistance to your in-house marketing team or you may rely on us to help you build your social presence from scratch. We will find the best approach for you.

Brand Management

Your brand is important. We will always be there to help find the right tone of voice and style for you and portray your business exactly the way you desire. Plus, our social media team will always help turn potential customer issues into praise.

Social Media Monitoring

We care about your social image. Our team will monitor who talks about you and what is being said about you. This will ensure, you remain in the positive trends out there.

Social PR

We can help bridge the gap between online and offline content and help you get your content the coverage it deserves. Our close contacts with well-known publishers, journalists and bloggers can help achieve this with success. We can also improve your social presence via catchy social ads on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and Youtube.

Discussion Forums

We can also help you create reactive updates that spark instant discussion and get your brand coverage outside your domain.


We will keep you informed of future activities in your niche and also across related marketing channels.


You have potential customers on social media

Irrespective of what industry your company belongs to, your potential customers are using social media on everyday basis. It is important for you to remain connected to them to make your product/company their first option.

Your company is being talked about on social media

You need to listen to your customers’ concerns. Also, you need to highlight the positive aspects of your company and be sincerely open to negative remarks.

Your company deserves excellent social media management

Company owners usually don’t have time to manage their social media channels. Our members received their certification in SM management and we can help you reach your marketing goals successfully. Our rates are bespoke and will be based on your current situation and objectives.

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