HiPower Web SEO transforms your “brick-and-mortar” business into a “branding-and-marketing” hub for your company.


We use white-hat SEO tactics and up-to-date marketing strategies to raise your organic rankings, increase your traffic, provide a better user experience for your visitors, and drive more sales.We’ll make your website and SEO “Hi-powered” so you can stop worrying about growing your business, and start serving the new wave of customers coming your way

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We focus our entire agency on the 3 essential services your business needs to succeed online.Each of these services build on top of the other to create a full marketing and SEO strategy to overtake your competitors, and gain new customers.If you’re missing one of these, you’re missing huge opportunities for online growth.




Success comes to leaders and to become a leader in your business domain, you need to think out of the box and employ brilliant marketing strategies.


Here’s Why Search Engine Optimization  is the Right Thing to Do for your Business:

You must have heard a lot about Search Engine Optimization or the more popular cropped version of the term known as SEO.


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Developing a social strategy that is based upon your end goals is crucial! We can provide assistance to your in-house marketing team or you may rely on us to help you build your social presence from scratch. We will find the best approach for you.

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Your brand is important. We will always be there to help find the right tone of voice and style for you and portray your business exactly the way you desire. Plus, our social media team will always help turn potential customer issues into praise.

We care about your social image. Our team will monitor who talks about you and what is being said about you. This will ensure, you remain in the positive trends out there.


Hi Power   responsive web design

This is the digital age and we all need to switch to marketing strategies that are web-oriented and planned to attract attention of maximum internet users.

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HiPower Video Production in SEO

This is the digital age and we all need to switch to marketing strategies that are web-oriented and planned to attract attention of maximum internet users.

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Since HiPower took over managing our website we have been very happy with the way we have been treated and the results we are getting. We have noticed our internet presence has grown quite a bit resulting in more business. We are happy to recommend them to others that want to be more than just an account. We have even hired them to build us a new website. Edward S.

Creative Masonry & Chimney LLC – Farmington,CT

Edward S. Creative Masonry, Chimney LLC - Farmington,CT

What a great job on my website, it looks great! I have also hired them for my seo to market my new site. I can tell you the way they do business is great, I am confident in their ability to give great results! –

Chris C. West Hartford, CT – Creative Handyman Service

Chris C. West Hartford, West Hartford, CT - Creative Handyman Service

At first I couldn’t understand why I would pay a monthly fee since I already had a website! Since my new website and marketing strategy has been implemented I have been getting a steady flow of leads and customers. They are always a phone call away. I now realize the value in what HiPowerWebSEO.com does for a business.

John F. Waterbury CT – Limo Service

John F, Waterbury CT - Limo Service

I was very hesitant at first about having a website built, I can’t say enough good things about how this company is handling my website. Professional, prompt and very responsive! They have even helped me in a good workflow for my company, to organize estimates, invoices and even bookkeeping. Now day to day operations are a breeze!

Angelo G. Farmington, CT – CTRoofwashing.com

Angelo G, Farmington, CT - CTRoofwashing.com


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